Karla Cuban Bakery Launches Karla Bakery™ Coffee Beans and Cold Brews!

December 17, 2021

Miami is famous for its distinctive, rich coffee, and Karla Cuban Bakery in Doral (opening soon), Flagler, and the greater Miami area, and has been a destination for Cuban coffee lovers.

Karla Cuban Coffee is proud to present our new line of Karla Bakery™ blend ground roast coffee. Coffee aficionados in Miami can now enjoy the full-bodied flavors of our organic, small-batch roasted coffees in our bakeries as well as at home with our “at-home brewing” options.

And what better way to launch our branded coffee line than on International Coffee Day?

On October 1, Karla Cuban Coffee celebrated International Coffee Day in style, by throwing a party across the Greater Miami area. All Karla Cuban Bakeries in Doral (opening soon), Flagler, and everywhere else in Miami, held a launch event to introduce Miamians to our new coffees.


Karla Cuban Bakery owners Ariel and Lyn Gonzalez celebrate the coffee launch at our Flagler location

Launches Karla Bakery™ Coffee Beans and Cold Brews

International Coffee Day has long been a day to celebrate at Karla Cuban Bakery. Doral (opening soon), Hialeah, Westchester, and all our Miami locations are daily stops for many Miamians to get their morning café Cubano and help them start their day off right.

That’s why the day is such a natural venue for us to introduce our customers to our organic, ground blend Cuban coffee. We love all things coffee, and we’ve worked hard to develop our premium Cuban coffee brand. It’s time to celebrate!

Every Karla Cuban Bakery threw an International Coffee Day party on October 1, highlighting our new Cuban coffee brand. And it was a blast!

Guests got to sample Karla Cuban Bakery™ premium coffee, participate in contests and giveaways, and groove to the rhythms of Cuban music, spun by a live DJ in some of our locations.


Karla Cuban owners Ariel and Lyn Gonzalez hit the dance floor

Karla Bakery™ Coffee


The Karla Cuban Bakery team shows off our new coffee line

It wouldn’t be an International Coffee Day extravaganza without lots and lots of Cuban coffee! And Karla Cuban Bakery in Doral, Fontainebleau, and elsewhere across Miami has the goods our customers love.

Karla Cuban Bakery™ organic, small-batch, premium coffee is crafted exclusively for us and is the next step in our goal of bringing the best available coffee drinks to guests across Miami, and to new customers across the country.

We know coffee, and we labored to create an in-home blend that can capture the heritage and distinctive features that help to make Cuban coffee so prized to many coffee lovers around the world. Our coffee beans will bring the tastes of Havana to your home.

And we’ve worked to make sure each customer gets a coffee experience they will treasure. Karla Cuban Bakery in Doral and our other locations have been updated with the latest equipment to help us provide a consistent, great-tasting coffee to anyone who visits.

Launches Karla Bakery™ Coffee Beans and Cold Brews


Karla Cuban Bakery™ Coffee is here!

We’re proud of our ground Cuban coffee blends, but our customers are what made International Coffee Day such a celebration for us at Karla Cuban Bakery in Doral (coming soon!)  and other Miami locations.

So, what did our coffee-loving public have to say about our small-batch, organic coffee blends? Here are just a few of the comments we received.

“Best coffee I EVER had. Hands down.” – C.G.

“This is seriously so good! It’s so smooooth!” – V.M.

“Oh man! I’m a fan!” – J.S.

“Realllllly like that coffee!” – E.D.

We developed our coffee blends for the people who come into Karla Cuban Bakeries across Miami every day. They love our rich, fragrant, roasted Cuban coffee, and we think you will too!

Try Our Coffee at Karla Cuban Bakery Doral (Opening Soon!) and Our Other Locations


We put love into every Karla Cuban Bakery™ coffee we serve.

Karla Cuban Bakery manager Miner, and his team, showing off our custom  brand of Cuban coffees

International Coffee Day felt like the ideal moment for Karla Bakery™ to launch our brand of coffees. Karla Cuban Bakery in Doral (coming soon!) and other Miami locations understands what coffee can mean to our customers, and we wanted to celebrate.

You can enjoy the rich heritage and full body of Cuban coffee at all Karla Cuban Bakery locations, and soon, we’re looking forward to meeting your coffee needs at your local grocery store! Stay tuned for more details!

We designed our Karla Bakery™ coffee to bring a little of Cuba to your cup. Visit us today, and discover why we’re ready to spread the word about our coffee!