Cuban Pastries from Karla Cuban Bakery: An Everyday Treat

May 29, 2022

We live in a world always on the go, one that demands energy and drive to navigate. What we eat can give us a solid foundation for the day, keep us going, and even deliver a sweet treat to top off a full day. Cuban pastries from Karla Cuban Bakery can provide on all fronts, and are a great option for folks looking for a little taste of the tropics to help them start off right and keep going strong.

Karla Cuban Bakery has three generations of deep experience behind every pastelitos we serve, and it informs our preparation techniques and choice of ingredients and flavors. We know pastries, and we’re ready to show off our stuff to guests across Miami.

At Karla Cuban Bakery, we’ve got savory Cuban pastries like ham & cheese or chicken to set up our customers with a filling meal for breakfast or lunch. And our sweet pastelitos are small bits of Caribbean life, with fillings like cheese, guava, and coconut to finish off the meal in style or start the day with a sweet touch.

Pastries are part of life at Karla Cuban Bakery. We’re confident that once you enjoy one, they’ll be part of your life as well.

Empanada de Jamon y Queso (Ham & Cheese Pastry)

Miami in general, and Karla Cuban Bakery in particular, is a destination for Cuban cuisine, from the famous sandwich Cubano to regional specialties like our rich, strong coffee. 

That starts with the Cuban pastries we bake every day, like our ham & cheese classic.

We create a light, flaky pastry with a touch of sweetness, coupled it with spiced ham and cheese, and serve it up fresh and delicious each morning. The combination highlights notes of salt and light smoke in the cheese and gives the ham a depth of character that helps it shine.

A ham & cheese empanada can be the perfect way to begin a new morning in Miami and provides fuel to keep our customers powered up and charging forward. It’s a great option for folks looking for something filling and satisfying.

Croquetas de Pollo (Chicken Pastries)

When searching for “Cuban pastries near me,” take a close look at the menu and the options on offer. Do they just offer the most popular dishes, or do they delve deep into Cuban cuisine and serve the kinds of pastries that you might find in a family kitchen in Havana?

One look at the Karla Cuban Bakery menu is all it takes to see that we’re a Cuban bakery through and through, and that starts with pastry selections like our croqueta de pollo.

We take the concept of a traditional croqueta, which is ground ham rolled into breaded fingers and fried, and make it something special. Our chicken croquettes start with the freshest and highest-quality chicken and ingredients available and deliver a flavor experience that brings our customers back again and again.

Karla Cuban Bakery croquetas de pollo are a favorite with guests across Miami who crave Cuban pastries and can make any breakfast or lunch with us a special occasion.

Tequeños con Mermelada Guayaba (Fried Cheese Pastries with Guava)

Getting a breakfast that sticks with you and sets you up for the day is an essential element of every morning, and a tequeño from Karla Cuban Pastry can deliver.

Cuban pastries often feature flavors of the tropics. That’s part of our heritage, and one of the charms of the cuisine. And our tequeños carry on this tradition with the unmistakable taste of the islands that come along with guava and other island fruits.

Fresh, soft queso blanco cheese, and sweet dough, combined and fried up into creamy flavor explosions? A Miami institution. Add guava marmalade to this concoction, and you’ve got a meal for the ages.

A Karla Cuban Bakery tequeño is part of the Florida landscape and a destination dish for many Miamians. Taste one today to discover this hidden treasure!

Empanada de Coco (Coconut Pastry)

A Cuban pastry can satisfy many appetites. Empanadas, for example, have the potential to be savory, sweet, or a combination of the two. That can make them the right choice for folks who want both in their day.

For example, the empanada de coco, or coconut pastry, stands proudly alongside the ham & cheese pastry and can work as a sweet accompaniment to it. We use only fresh coconut, and make our empanadas with the best available ingredients to help ensure that they always taste their best.

Our light, sweet coconut pastry is a delicate and satisfying way to fuel up and helps our customers get their day underway with a tropical flair. It can deliver what you need, and leave you smiling.

It’s part of the Karla Cuban Bakery approach to life in Miami, and one more reason we’re eager to share what we do with the world.

Visit Karla Cuban Bakery Today for Cuban Pastries and Coffee

What’s the definition of a Cuban pastry? For many Miamians who visit Karla Cuban Bakery daily, it can mean any one of many delicious creations.

Coconut? Chicken? Ham & Cheese? Guava? All are perfect additions to a Karla Cuban pastelitos, and can help build a breakfast or lunch to be proud of.

Come visit us today, and discover for yourself the Karla Cuban Bakery difference. It’s just a pastry’s throw away!