Miami Cake Delivery

December 20, 2020

For thousands of years, cakes have played an important part in society and to bring people together for celebrations.

In Ancient Greece, the Greeks shared bread-like sweet breads that often included nuts and dried fruits, which were considered delicacies at the time.

Hey! Even the ancient Egyptians show evidence of baking cakes for special occasions! In the 13th century, Medieval European bakers often made fruitcakes and gingerbread cakes for the nobles and royals.

Over time, cakes became much fancier and sweeter, as global trade brought sugar exports around the world. Since these ingredients were very expensive, only the wealthy could afford them. The wealthy were known for liking beautiful things, so people began adding icing, flowers, and other decorations to their cakes.

But, even the wealthiest could only afford cakes for the most special occasions.

Therefore, it became a meaningful gesture if someone cared about you enough to present you with a cake for your birthday.

Today, the ingredients for cakes are largely accessible and affordable for most of the population and cake shops can be found throughout most major cities.

However, cakes are still considered a sign of affection, friendship, and celebration. Our cake delivery in Miami offers you a chance to send a cake to a friend, order a cake for a celebration, or just select some small cakes for family dessert night.

Birthday Cake Delivery

A cake makes a great gift, especially for a birthday.

The tradition of birthday cake reportedly began during the middle ages in Germany when a simple cake was baked for a child’s birthday celebration (which was called Kinderfest).

Legend says that the parents would light the candles on the cake in the morning and they would burn throughout the day until the cake was ready to be eaten after dinner.

Before the children ate their cakes, they would blow the candles out. Blowing out birthday candles and making a wish is still common practice, but thankfully these days you don’t have to wait  all day before enjoying the cake! And though most people would not leave a candle burning all day, people today still love receiving a birthday cake from a friend or family member or including it in their celebration.

Taking advantage of birthday cake delivery in Miami is a heartfelt gesture, and ordering a cake online from one of our six Karla Bakery locations is incredibly easy. Of course, cakes are not just for birthdays. Cakes of all sizes are an important part of many cultures and play a role in almost every holiday, gathering, and family tradition.

Cuban Cakes and Pastries

Why is Cuban cuisine known for its cakes and sweets? The answer lies in sugar crops.

Due to Cuba’s strong sugar economy, Cuba quickly became known for its world-famous desserts, sweet breads, and pastries. Cuba also had a wide variety of fruits that could be incorporated into cakes.

Since, Cuba was a melting pot of many cultures, chefs from around the world began experimenting with their local recipes, fusing them with traditional Cuban cuisine, in an attempt to entice locals to try their recipes. This friendly competition between Cuban chefs led to the creation of the iconic recipes that we use in our Miami bakeries to this day.

Cake Delivery in Miami

Karla Bakery’s six locations offer our Miami cake delivery servie throughout most of the Miami area.

We bake all of our cakes locally with the highest quality ingredients. This ensures that they are fresh and ready for your special event or occasion.

Our cakes are made from scratch using the same rich ingredients that our family members used in Cuba — no boxed cake mix here! Our frosting is made from rich buttercream and spun to a sugary, confectionery perfection.

Along with the sweetness of our cakes, the authentic flavors of each individual recipe’s ingredients still shine through with each delicious bite.

At Karla Bakery, we offer literally dozens of cake options and flavors with full size as well as mini cakes. Many people prefer a sampling of small cakes because they know that not all of their friends or family members will like the same flavor of cake.

For those who aren’t cake fans, we also offer a variety of other dessert options in addition to cakes. Our dessert platters can be customized to your liking. And if you’re having a hard time picking out your favorite sweets and treats, you can call us and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose.

Most importantly, we know that your special occasion is important, so we take great care to ensure that your cake delivery arrives from our cake shop intact and fresh. We pack and ship our cakes with delicate care and handle them like the prized possessions that they are when delivering them to your home, place of work, or event.

Throughout the years, we have perfected the customized technique of cake packaging and transportation to ensure that each one arrives in picture-perfect condition.

(Speaking of picture perfect condition, feel free to tag our cakes or other desserts on Instagram! We aren’t shy!)

Beyond the Birthday

While most people associate cakes in Miami with a birthday celebration, cakes have been used for centuries in other ceremonies and festivals.

Ancient cultures reportedly shaped cakes based on the observance: round cakes symbolized the sun and moon, animal-shaped cakes were used for Easter holidays, and cakes fashioned to look like jewels were used as a superstition to bring wealth.

Today, cakes in Miami are enjoyed at Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and on other special occasions like a graduation or anniversary party.

In conclusion

You can’t go wrong with a cake delivery from Karla Bakery. Let’s face it, shopping for a present is often time-consuming and hard.

A cake is a great gift for the loved one who seems like they already have everything.

It’s also a great way to bring joy and sweetness to your next gathering or event. Send a cake now to make someone’s day extra special — or to yourself as a reward for a long workweek!